Why do we embrace a
privacy-first principle
(and what is it?)

2 minute read — May 28, 2023

A privacy-first principle prioritizes an individual’s privacy and security in any technological environment. It is a fundamental design philosophy that serves as the primary focus of any system’s design and operation.

What is a privacy-first principle?

A privacy-first principle emphasizes that personal information is collected, processed, and stored only when it’s necessary and with clear consent from the individual. It also requires data to be kept secure and confidential to protect individuals from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

To dive into that a bit further, Sparkly Apps don’t use any servers outside your Zendesk account. Sparkly also doesn’t have any access to your Zendesk account. All features operate in the browser of your agents’ and in the -already determined- safe zone of Zendesk.

Why does Sparkly embrace a privacy first principle

Our privacy-first principle requires that privacy considerations are integrated into the development of our Zendesk add-ons.

Since Zendesk is a platform with a lot of personal information, we believe it’s important to make sure that all information is safe at all times. Furthermore, for most 3rd party functionalities, it’s not necessary to have access or store all data at any time.

You’ll find the privacy-first principle all over our Privacy Policy and our Terms.

How do you make sure that you embrace a privacy-first principle too? Just start with the primary business decision you need to make and decide what information is enough to make that decision. When it comes to creating new things, just gather your team and brainstorm. You’ll find out that 9 out of 10 times you already know what to do without personal information.


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