Power Suite
for Zendesk

Tired of handling your suspended inbox?

Agents often neglect the suspended inbox in Zendesk, and burden the Admin.
As admin you'll often find tickets that don't belong there. When you're working with SLAs, NetSuite emails or forms, this becomes a tedious process.

With rules, Power Suite manages the Suspended Inbox for you.

Struggling to get your Zendesk GDPR compliant?

Let's face it, Zendesk is great software for relationships with customers. When it comes to handling data.. Well, there's room for improvement.

Tasks in the Power Suite manage your own retention policies of Zendesk data.

Ps. it's tested against management of Millions of tickets.

Are you seeing a lot of replacement errors in canned responses?

Remember that amazing Macro that you created? The one with the bold formatted text that agents needs to replace. But in practice agents are under pressure and forget it.. no more!

Power Suite has Agent Wizard. This helps your agent write better responses to your customer.

Do your agents constantly open 27 tabs to access different systems.

To get answers for your customers, agents use different systems all the time. From Backoffice to Payment service providers.

With Shortcuts in Power Suite, agents op that info easily. And straight on the customers' page in the external system.

For when you need to share raw Zendesk data with full control?

When was the last time marketing asked you for tickets from Zendesk? How did you give it to them? Exactly..

With Exporter in Power Suite you'll find, collect and export data in no time in any format you like.

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