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Proactively message your customers in bulk

Works for structured messaging, or for ad-hoc needs

The missing feature from Zendesk

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Inform customers

Proactivity is a way of defusing potential challenges before they become problems. The app helps preventing a lot of frustration.

Bulk Process.
Save time.

Your support team no longer needs to manually create tickets for requests. Your customer immediately has an individual touchpoint to connect with you.

Take control.
Gain relationship.

We all like to be trusted. That also means taking control whenever things go different than expected. Let your customer know you take control and are honest.

Team €99 per month

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Rich comment editor

1k ticket limit

Professional €199 per month

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Create via import

Problem/incident relation

Internal notes

5k ticket limit

Enterprise €349 per month

1 Feature request / year

Onboarding training

15k ticket limit

Sparkly maximizes features in your Zendesk

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