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Share order changes proactively
Share delivery changes, recipe changes and keep your customer happy and informed.

Proactivity is a way of defusing potential challenges before they become problems. The app helps preventing a lot of frustration.

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Works regardless where your source information is
Use the search functions of Zendesk if you have all your customer info in Zendesk.

Have an external system? No worries, simply upload your customers.

Or use segments to reach static customer lists.

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Upload users and map custom information
Personalize the experience by adding order specific details in your message. Like delivery dates, recipe information or discount vouchers.

Remember the MailMerge function from Word? That but better ;)

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Sparkly is bringing Headspace to Zendesk

Do you have an idea?
Or just a problem without a solution..

Let’s explore together. Your idea could literally be the future. Sometimes even beneficial for more teams than your own.

Most of our apps originated from ideas of smart people like you. Feature requests for existing apps, complete new features for Zendesk. Amaze us!

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