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Inform you customer in bulk of service disruptions
Nothing is more frustrating than being left in the dark. Use Proactive Bulk Tickets to inform your customer before an problem becomes an issue, and keep them in the loop.

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Create high quality red alerts
Create a problem ticket in Zendesk, and automatically map the incidents to the ticket. Creating awareness across your Service team.

Send product feature releases and updates
Inform your customer on new releases of your software. Or simply send them updates when a certain bug was fixed.

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Find users and organizations
Find and manage your customers inside Zendesk. Nearly all scenarios are possible when you have the data stored on Zendesk Users or Organizations.

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Sparkly is bringing Headspace to Zendesk

Do you have an idea?
Or just a problem without a solution..

Let’s explore together. Your idea could literally be the future. Sometimes even beneficial for more teams than your own.

Most of our apps originated from ideas of smart people like you. Feature requests for existing apps, complete new features for Zendesk. Amaze us!

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Proactive Bulk Tickets

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